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PESARO SYSTEM is an Italian software house founded in 2001.

Electronics enthusiasts, consoles like Commodore and Spectrum of Personal Computers since their first appearance, we have known and programmed in the first programming languages.

Also passionate about the new (at the time) local networks and the Internet and the DOS, Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

The birth and the first works...

Always interested in any new programming technique in any language, especially as regards management and data management programs in general. We have worked with various programming languages such as Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C ++, ASP, PHP, HTML and CSS, Javascript, etc. Up to the latest VB.Net and C #, HTML5 and CSS3, jQuery, Java and Java for Android, etc. that interface with the most common databases such as Access, SQL Server, MySQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, etc.

After a few years as a hobby, we decided to put our knowledge at the service of others. In 2001 PESARO SYSTEM was founded, initially specialized in the creation of Internet products and software, with the aim of offering innovative customized solutions, using the most recent tools and techniques on the market.

Now and in the near future...

In the following years we have dealt with the analysis and development of proprietary software, such as: Mailing List Studio, Extractor, Cargo Studio. By totally dedicating ourselves to improving products by offering better quality. Continuous research and in-depth analysis have led to the development of new algorithms that make our products faster and more stable.

The requests of our customers have led us to develop Crypto Trade Studio to better manage cryptocurrencies and to automate some functions, such as automatic buying and selling.

Our goal is to provide greater utility, stability and speed, and to enable our customers to use our products with ease, using less time and resources and achieving better results.