Available Versions

Available versions

All versions of Crypto Trade Studio differ in the limit on the amount to invest per single transaction.

Crypto Trade Studio is available in 4 versions:

  • Freeware - Completely Free, but with 10 $ investment limit per transaction.
  • Standard - Available with license, with 1.000 $ investment limit per transaction.
  • Professional - Available with license, with 10.000 $ investment limit per transaction.
  • Enterprise - Available with license, unlimited per transaction.

Differences between versions

Feature Freeware Standard Professional Enterprise
Prices Free € 188 € 587 € 1679
Limits per single transaction $ 10 $ 1.000 $ 10.000 Unlimited
Free updates 1 year 3 years 5 years
Real-time statistics
Manual purchase of cryptocurrencies
Manual sale of cryptocurrencies
Automatic buying of cryptocurrencies
Automatic selling of cryptocurrencies
Automatic Purchase Algorithm
Automatic Sales Algorithm
Continuous monitoring of cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency history
Orders history
Deposits history
Withdrawals history
Notifications via Popup
Notifications by email