Crypto Trade Studio

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Crypto Trade Studio is a cryptocurrency management software compatible with Windows and macOS.

A useful program that allows you to manage multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time, to analyze the trend, and to understand what is the right time to buy or sell. It is possible to analyze all cryptocurrency trends and choose the best time to invest.

With the Crypto Trade Studio functions you can let your investments grow manually or decide to buy and/or sell automatically. In fact, the program, through certain rules you set, is able to understand the right time to buy and sell.

The main features of the program are:
- Statistics in real time for all coins
- Manual buying and selling of all coins
- Automatic coin buying algorithm
- Automatic coin selling algorithm
- Market trend monitoring
- Visibility of all transactions made
- Your account summary

All requests and transactions will be done via the Exchange REST API.

Available Versions

Depending on the version you choose, you will have different limits on the amount to invest per transaction.

  • Price Free
  • Limit/Trans. 10
  • Price 268
  • Limit/Trans. 1.000
  • Price 838
  • Limit/Trans. 10.000
  • Price 2398
  • Limit/Trans. unlimited

Pricing by version

Choose the version that best suits your needs.



268 - 30% discount


Features of Standard

All functions active

$ 1.000 limit for transaction

lifetime license

1 year of free updates



2398 - 30% discount


Features of Enterprise

All functions active

Unlimited per transaction

lifetime license

5 years of free updates



838 - 30% discount


Features of Professional

All functions active

$ 10.000 limit for transaction

lifetime license

3 years of free updates

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Automatic Buying

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The purchasing algorithm allows you to set a rule by which the program will automatically purchase cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Trade Studio updates the charts of all cryptocurrencies every 5 minutes. When it happens if there are coins that match the buying algorithm, and if the algorithm is active, these coins are automatically bought and displayed in the Trade Monitor.

Automatic Selling

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The sales algorithm allows you to set a rule by which the program will automatically sell cryptocurrencies.

The Trade Monitor continuously monitors all purchased coins. If a cryptocurrency falls within the parameters of the algorithm then it is sold.

Some screenshots

Everything under control. Right from the start in the main form of Crypto Trade Studio we have a complete overview of all cryptocurrencies. Then for each area there is a special form to better manage your work.