Frequent Questions

Frequent questions

Crypto Trade Studio is a professional software for the manual and automatic management/purchase/sale of cryptocurrencies.

This means that the program has advanced features that are sometimes not easy to use.

For this reason we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions generally asked by our customers.

If you have any requests that are not present in the F.A.Q. contact us. All contact details are in the contact page.

Here are the most frequently asked questions

How much?

The prices of all versions can be found in the pricing page.

What is the difference between the versions?

Yes I'm here. All the differences between the versions can be found in the versions page.

Can I give it a try?

Of course! We have made available a Freeware version to be able to try the software. The Freeware version has all the active features like the other versions. The only difference is in the maximum amount to invest per single transaction. So you can test all the features with minimal amounts and buy the license only when you are convinced that this program meets your needs.

You can download the trial version in the download page.

Is there a guide?

Sure. Crypto Trade Studio software has its own online help. You can also view the guide with a browser clicking here.

Does the license have an expiration date?

No. A license does not expire. In addition to this, by purchasing a Crypto Trade Studio license you will get 1, 3 or 5 years of free updates. When the free updates expire, you can decide whether to continue using the latest version available to you, or whether to purchase an update package to always have the most updated version.

Is it risky to use the program?

The program allows you to use the classic features of any cryptocurrency exchange. So you have the same risk you would have on other platforms.

A little more complicated are the automatic buying and selling features. Here pay attention to the parameters set because by setting too low percentages the program could buy and sell very frequently. It is recommended that you start with smaller amounts to get started, and then, after practicing, use larger amounts.

How does automatic buying work?

Automatic buying is a very interesting feature of Crypto Trade Studio.

The purchasing algorithm allows you to set a rule by which the program will automatically buy cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Trade Studio updates the charts of all cryptocurrencies every 5 minutes. When it happens if there are coins that match the purchase algorithm, and if the algorithm is active, these coins are automatically purchased and displayed in the Trade Monitor.

For example, do you want to automatically buy when a coin goes up 8% in the last 5 minutes? You can do it!

How does automatic selling work?

Automatic selling only works if you have decided during a manual purchase that the Trade Monitor should monitor the cryptocurrency. Or if the cryptocurrency was purchased automatically (see above).

You can tell the Trade Monitor to automatically sell if the cryptocurrency's performance drops below the purchase price by a certain percentage.

In the same way you can tell the Trade Monitor to sell automatically if the cryptocurrency's performance drops below the highest price reached by a certain percentage.

This is very useful if a coin grows by 60% for example and then starts to fall, the Trade Monitor will automatically sell at 55% (if you have set 5% as a parameter).

Are there any warnings to follow?

If you want to use the automatic buying and selling features, there are some caveats that you need to take into account to use Crypto Trade Studio.

For example: avoid suspending your computer; have a good memory in the computer and a good processor; have a good internet connection; have a computer protected by antivirus and firewall; prevent antivirus and firewall from blocking Crypto Trade Studio; if you always leave it on, restart Crypto Trade Studio every day.