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Crypto Trade Studio is a cryptocurrency management software compatible with Windows and macOS.

A useful program that allows you to manage multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time, to analyze the trend, and to understand what is the right time to buy or sell. It is possible to analyze all cryptocurrency trends and choose the best time to invest.


Safety first of all

The program communicates directly via REST API with your Exchange account on This means that we would never be aware of your data, of what you do, in any way, at any time.

Every data, transaction, request is managed by via REST API. So it will not be the program to buy or sell directly but it will do so by calling the functions. All transactions will therefore also be visible on and vice versa.

Your Key REST API, the password to enter the program, and all the settings are encrypted and saved only on your PC. No one else will have it.


Continuous monitoring of cryptocurrencies

With the Crypto Trade Studio functions you can let your investments grow manually or decide to buy and / or sell automatically.

In fact, the program, through certain rules you set, is able to understand the right time to buy and sell.

For example, with the standard STOP LOSS function that you find in the most common investment platforms, you can choose to automatically sell below a certain value. But what happens if during the night the value rises by 90% and then falls rapidly below the value you set? With the STOP LOSS you would sell at the set value and lose a potential profit of 90%.

With our functions, on the other hand, you can decide to sell automatically if the value falls, for example, below 5% of the maximum value reached. So, if during the night the value increases by 90% and then falls back to the initial value, the program will wait for the maximum value to be reached and then it will sell automatically if it drops to 85%. The same thing will happen for example if the maximum value reached is 150%, the program will sell only when it drops by 5%, that is, to 145%.


The difference between the STOP LOSS function and ours is that in the first case you would not earn anything, in the second you would earn the maximum possible.

In addition to this, with the STOP LOSS the capital is generally blocked until the sale while with our functions the capital is free and you can choose to sell part or all of it at any time.

You can also set a maximum loss percentage from the purchase value, this to limit the risk and to avoid too large losses.

Another interesting feature is that of automatic purchase. In fact, the program is able to buy for you automatically under certain rules you set.


For example: you can decide to automatically buy a cryptocurrency if it has risen by 4% in the last 5 minutes, and you can decide how much capital to invest for each automatic purchase.

Both in purchase and sale the percentages and amounts are chosen by you.


Manual buying and selling

As in any trading platform you can place manual buy or sell manual orders.

Nobody forbids you to use the program to know the market trend and manually decide what to do.


History of cryptocurrencies

By analyzing the history of a coin you will be able to know the trend of the market over time.

You can choose how to view the history, if in intervals of minutes, hours, days, etc.


The more you know, the better you work

Our advice is to read all the guide carefully in order to have full possession of all the program's features.

In addition to this textual guide, there are also video guides in Italian on the website