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The main features of the program are:

- Statistics in real time

- Manual purchase and sale of coins

- Automatic Coin Purchase Algorithm

- Automatic Coin Selling Algorithm

- Market trend monitoring


Real-time statistics

The program allows you to keep under control all the coins that can be purchased thanks to the REST API made available by

This means that in real time you will be able to see the trend of cryptocurrencies through the mini graphs on the main grid.

For each coin it is possible to view the details and check the history in graphs with intervals of minutes, hours, days, months, etc.


Manual purchase and sale of coins

Like any platform, Crytpo Trade Studio also allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies manually.

You can choose the exact moment of purchase and sale and the amount you want to invest (or divest).

All trades are handled by and as a result you will also see them on your Crypto account.


Automatic Coin Purchase Algorithm

It is possible to create an algorithm, a logical reasoning, to make the system understand when and how much to buy.

This way you will be the one to tell the program when and how it should purchase.

The program will constantly monitor all currencies and if some of them match the rules you set then the program will buy these coins.


Automatic Coin Selling Algorithm

As for the purchase, also for the sale it is possible to create an algorithm to decide when and how the program will automatically sell the cryptocurrencies.


Market trend monitoring

Every 5 minutes, or with manual intervention, Crypto Trade Studio will update the charts of all cryptocurrencies. This will allow you to have a global situation of all currencies. You can also view the history of a cryptocurrency and see the trend second by second.

Thanks to the Trade Monitor, the program will routinely check the status of all coins.

In addition to having a real-time report of all the coins purchased, the program will buy or sell according to the rules set.