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First of all, remember to disable any suspensions of the computer otherwise the program automation could be suspended.

We list below the first steps to take to start working with Crypto Trade Studio.

1. Create an Account on Exchange

If you haven't done it yet to work with Ctypto Trade Studio you need to activate an account on Exchange.

Attention, the REST API and consequently this program work with Exchange. So not with the simple app account but with the Exchange.

If you only have the simple account you can always switch to Exchange.

first steps

2. Activate the REST API on Exchange

Activate the REST API to receive your ApiKey and SecureKey.

These keys must not be shared with anyone as they allow you to make transactions with your account.

Keep them in a safe place.

first steps

3. Set up API keys on Crypto Trade Studio

Once you have received your keys you can set them on Crypto Trade Studio.

The keys will be encrypted and saved on your PC.

They will never be passed in clear text on the Internet but encrypted and used only and exclusively for the APIs that require them.

first steps

4. Verification of the account

After saving the ApyKey and SecureKey on the program you should be able to see your Crypto account report directly in the Crypto Trade Studio account summary grid.

At this point the communication with is completed.



5. Set up the Score Calculation

The Score Calculation will be used by the program to add a reference index to be able to sort the cryptocurrencies and to insert them in the BEST LIST grids.

The type of calculation that the program will have to do is decided by you, as well as the minimum value to enter a cryptocurrency in the BEST LIST.

first steps

6. Set up an Email Account for alerts

Although not necessary, you can set up an email account.

If you have activated the automatic sale when the Trade Monitor finds a coin with the corresponding values the program will carry out the sale.

In this case it is possible to decide if the program should also send an email as well as the popup message.

To receive an email you need to set up an Email Account which will be both the sender and the recipient of these emails.

first steps