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  Sell a Coin


The main screen displays a grid with a summary of all salable cryptocurrencies.

Each row corresponds to a single cryptocurrency.

By clicking with the mouse on the "Trade Now" button in the row it is possible to start trading with the cryptocurrency.

sell a coin


The sales mask, which is the same as the purchase mask, looks like this:

sell a coin

The sales box is the one at the bottom right:

sell a coin

In the "Quantity to sell" field you must enter the quantity you want to sell. You must enter the quantity, not a currency amount.

The buttons 25% 50% 75% 100% are used to enter the quantity by calculating the percentage of the total of that coin.

The "Sell Now" button makes the sale.

If by any chance the cryptocurrency is monitored by the Trade Monitor, in case of manual sale, the monitoring of the coin will be disabled. This happens even if you are only selling a portion of the amount in possession of that cryptocurrency.